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protein addictionUnderstanding how your body and mind works is crucial if you want you want to master your cravings or mild addictions. If you are someone  forever snacking even without feeling hungry or craving any substance, read on. Putting this post into action will help you conquer this problem forever.

Most people experience some form of cravings or a dependance on certain foods, drinks or drugs and this can be traced back to a protein deficiency.

If you are not feeding your body the right nutrition, your brain cannot send out reward messages to your body and this is why you start craving certain things. Endorphins, opioids, serotonin and dopamine are the neurotransmitters that send these messages to your brain.

Amino acids are the building blocks that your body needs to create these neurotransmitters and protein supplies you with those essential amino acids.

If you are nutritionally challenged, your body is going to be searching for rewards in all the wrong places such as in fattening foods, tobacco, alcohol and even drugs.

While some people rely on mind power to urge these cravings, many of them relapse into bad habits because they are lacking in certain nutrients.

Getting enough amino acids (from protein sources) are the best way to create these neurotransmitters, however they are dependant upon vitamins and minerals in order to be effective. It is not simply about taking amino acids. Your body has to convert the amino acids into neurotransmitters in order for you to not crave bad foods and substances.

If you give in to cravings for sugar, caffeine or alcohol you will be tired, have poor concentration and possibly be depressed

The odds are highly likely that you require more L-tyrosine and L-phenylalanine. These neurotransmitters will give you mental focus, energy and heighten your sense of arousal. This is a far healthier option than cocaine, marijuana and the above mentioned foods and substances.

If you have a need for pleasure or are overly sensitive to pain both physical and emotional, then you are lacking in endorphins and enkephalins. Many people turn to chocolate, sugar, marijuana, caffeine and cocaine to achieve the desired result. It would be far easier to increase your D-phenylalanine and DL-phenylalanine levels to achieve this objective.

The fastest way to get amino acids into your body is to take a quality protein supplement

A quality protein supplement or meal replacement is absorbed into your body fast and coupled with other nutrients, will convert into neurotransmitters quickly. A good strategy is to eat fruit as the complex carbohydrates help your body to absorb the amino acids faster.

By constantly giving your body the right nutrition, you will be able to keep unhealthy urges and cravings at bay. Make sure that you eat a balanced diet so that your body utilizes the amino acids in the best way possible.

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