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lipobondThe regular western diet is responsible for so many people experiencing high cholesterol induced heart attacks.

Most westerners eat far too many fatty foods. These fats tend to lodge in the arteries and restrict the flow of oxygen and blood to the brain and the heart. Over time, plaque begins to form in the arteries and this is when heart disease and strokes take place.

One way to negate the damage of bad fats is to increase your fiber intake. Fiber works its way quickly to the digestive tract where it grabs hold of waste materials and water and eventually leaves your body with your stool. Taking more fiber helps you to get rid of the bad fats in your food. It shortens the lifespan of bad fats and other waste in your body.

Herbalife have a revolutionary product called Lipobond that can assist your body to eliminate these toxins and waste products

Herbalife’s Lipobond product contains a blend of oat fiber, citrus fiber, apple fiber, sodium choleate and cellulose fiber. These ingredients blend perfectly to help you live a healthier life. The recommended dosage is 2 tablets, 3 times a day before eating.



*These exceptional products are only available through Independent Herbalife Distributors, such as Vital Chats.

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