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herbalife pyramid“Choose a pyramid style opportunity with caution” was one of the strangest articles (published in a South African Sunday paper) I have ever read in recent times. Surely, in a time where jobs are scarce, the media should be looking to promote legitimate opportunities far and wide to help promote positive economic growth instead of pleading the case of striking plunderers.

With 4 in every 10 people in the country unemployed, people can hardly afford the luxury of being picky and choosy about work they will and won’t do. Provided that the opportunity is legal, I say as a nation, let’s all find ways to help unemployed people put some food on the table.

I am not sure where Tina Weavind gets her information from, however she is misinformed on a number of levels. She states that these type of opportunities are not for the “faint hearted” – well, neither is standing on the street with a board begging for money. Tina has mentioned companies such as Herbalife and Amway.

I would like to respond to her article from a Herbalife point of view.

Firstly – Ms. Weavind’s categorization of Herbalife (and some other legitimate business opportunities) as a “pyramid style opportunity” is ill-advised and extremely dated.

The Herbalife opportunity is simple and anyone can do it (without the tediousness of having to research to ensure accuracy, as is the case with journalism). You don’t need any special skills to open up containers and use natural products which will improve your health, help you to lose a few pounds, or to gain weight.

You also don’t need any special skills to communicate how you feel when taking the products and you certainly don’t need any skills to show people how much weight you have lost on the Herbalife products.

The fact that you don’t have to acquire any skills already saves you a fortune in school fees… And the investment keeps on paying off when you put in elbow grease.

Henry Van Deventer, a financial advisor from Asics, offers some sage advice. He suggests that prospective distributors understand precisely what they are getting into before joining an MLM company. I absolutely concur with him. I will not entertain the idea of recruiting someone into the business unless he or she has used the products and obtained a tangible result from taking the product. If you approached me to join Herbalife I would first guide you to start using the products as a customer so that you can experience just how good they make you feel.

Once you have established what the products can do for you, you will either have people asking you about the products, or you will be moved enough to start talking about them yourself. This approach allows customers to find you before you get financially involved in the business.

Now that you have got some customers on board and you are making money, you can work with some of your customers on the same basis. This makes the opportunity fair to everyone and establishes a duplicatable plan of action.

“…charismatic-type meetings for distributors” – Tina

Tina is quite right that meetings are facilitated by charismatic trainers. Here’s how the dictionary defines the word:



These meetings are designed to encourage and motivate distributors through success stories of existing distributors. The training seminars are facilitated by people who have been successful in the business and know what they are talking about.

However, these meetings do not detract from the fact that the products deliver superior results. In other words, people get results on the products whether they attend meetings or not.

Besides, having come from the corporate world, I would much rather spend a day at an Herbalife training than sitting in a 30 minute meeting with a boss trying to squeeze every ounce of blood possible out of me.

Unlike corporate companies, Herbalife is not in the hiring and firing game, the company welcomes anyone regardless of color, gender, age race or education.  (unlike many South African companies…)

If you work, you get paid, if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. It is as simple as that. In fact, Multi Level Marketing is the perfect way to bring balance in this country where people expect to get paid just for showing up.

Building the proverbial pyramid

Now that we have established the simplicity of the Herbalife business, I would like to touch on the team building aspect, which causes so much confusion.

As a registered distributor, you have the right to introduce other distributors into your team. Herbalife has designed an incredible ladder of success that is open to anyone who is prepared to do the work. Just like corporate companies, there are a number of levels and titles that you can strive to achieve.

The good news is that you are the boss, no one can force you to stop producing or to produce more. You determine your income level and once you are there you can take your foot of the gas somewhat.

Some of the benefits of the Herbalife opportunity include -

1) Six areas of income:

  • Retail profits from 25-50% from customer sales.
  • Wholesale profits from 8-25% from downline distributors. (Blows the pyramid theory right there, doesn’t it?)
  • Overriding commissions from 1-5%
  • Monthly bonuses from 2-7% (Did you get a bonus at work last year?)
  • Annual vacations to exotic destinations (The two latest vacations were to Thailand and Greece.)
  • Sharing in the annual bonus pool of 1% of total sales. (Bonus payouts for 2012 was $50 million)
  • Your business can also be willed to anyone that you choose, so it lasts forever. (Can ALL your kids inherit your journalism job if they want to? Can they still get the money even if they don’t want the job? I didn’t think so!)
  • You don’t need to carry stock as Herbalife delivers products to customers in 87 countries around the world. This means there is absolutely no financial risk to you whatsoever. Herbalife is only concerned with you making money by finding consumers who will use the products month in and month out.

2) You have the potential to earn $US as you can sell products in any of the countries in which Herbalife conducts business

This is great news for those people who live in countries where their currency is weaker than the dollar. Think countries such as India, South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland to name a few.

3) The products. Enough said!

A few Herbalife facts that you didn’t know

Apart from the above benefits to the distributors themselves, Herbalife operates in more than 80 companies where it employs salaried staff to operate warehouses and distributor support centers. I am not sure how many people are employed in each warehouse, however it certainly does amount to lots of people who are being empowered to provide food, lodging, schooling and all the other necessities for their families. Think about all the employees at the courier companies in these countries that are able to pay their staff to deliver products to companies around the world.

In conclusion

I get confused and concerned when I read the type of article Ms. Weavind wrote in the Sunday paper. Has society become so programmed to expect bad news that it cannot see the wood for the trees? Why are these journalists not interviewing the successful people in Herbalife and spreading that news instead?

I say be cautious when looking for excuses to be unemployed as there is absolutely no future or hope for anyone in that scenario. The social welfare sector far exceeds the amount of tax payers in South Africa. We should stop encouraging people to find excuses not to become who they were created to become.

Thanks for reading this post, I would love to hear your thoughts on the above topic.

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