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herbalife ingredientsLosing weight is simple, agreed?  There are so many diet and exercise programs which makes it simple.  Society has trained people to believe that losing weight is a tough task, however this is not the case.

You can choose to be fat, or you can choose to be thin and healthy.

There are so many opinions out there as to how to lose weight, and this can cause you to become confused.  Choosing the latest fad that works for everyone can work for you, but be prepared to put the weight back on as soon as you stop.

WHY?  Well, that’s just how it works. New things work temporarily because people have the right approach. But soon they stop working and people put the weight back on.

You know that you should eat less and spend more calories if you want to lose weight

The hidden secret to lasting  weight loss is to eat less and burn more calories. So there you have it, go count your calories and make it happen!

Ah, but where to start? 

You can eat all the healthy foods known to man and avoid all the “bad” stuff.

Provided you can do what the celebrities do (and commit to it for the long term), you will certainly go a long way to losing most of your weight.

What are you going to about your cravings? A week into your diet and you feel like having a donut and a cup of coffee one evening. That is worth 1000 calories, and you need only about 1800 ( men) and 1200 (women) calories if you are on a weight-loss program. This does not leave you with much room to maneuver. And crash goes the diet… :(

Understand how cravings hamper your weight loss efforts

Your body will need calcium, for example, and before you know it, you have scoffed half a tub of ice-cream or two toasted cheese sandwiches. This is why so few people successfully lose and keep the weight off forever.

What about emotional eating? You have had a bad day at the office and end up gorging yourself that night to feel good. At your next weigh in, you have gained the weight, and that is the end of your weight loss campaign.

So your money is gone, but your extra weight isn’t

  • Will the grocery store give you a refund on all the healthy foods that you bought?
  • Will it contact you once a week to encourage you and keep you on track?
  • What about all the diet supplements that you can buy off the shelf? Will the store follow you up to tell you how to get the best results?

The missing ingredient in most diets, is NUTRITION

Find a weight loss program that permits all of the above and you will discover the hidden secret to lasting  weight loss. Everyone can experience permanent weight loss.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to share this with anyone who is seeking the hidden secret to lasting  weight loss.

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