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inflammation herbalifeA positive side effect of losing weight is that you will experience an improvement in your general health and vitality. While many people focus solely on the outer benefits of losing weight, it is important to look at it holistically. Healthy bodies lose  and maintain a healthy weight far quicker than unhealthy bodies. Many people have had to spend months addressing their health issues before the weight begins to fall off.

One problem with being overweight is that your fat cells create chemicals in your body, which prevent your brain from hearing messages from leptin and insulin. These chemicals are called cytokines. Bear with me while I explain the process…

Your body needs insulin to transport glucose to your cells to be used for energy. If the insulin receptors cannot “hear” the message, you are going to experience fatigue, and the glucose will not be converted to energy. It will convert to stored up fat in your cells and you will begin to gain weight.

Leptin advises you that you are satiated after eating. If your body is not getting this message, you will overeat and gain weight. Your cells will not realize that you are full, and you will continue to eat even though you do not need the food.

Low-fat diets include inflammatory foods, which could cause you to become leptin and insulin resistant

This is one of the reasons people don’t always lose weight on certain fad diet programs. Rather opt for a program that is balanced. In this way, your body will get all the nutrition that it needs daily.

If you are struggling with inflammation, you should take extra ginger, curcumin, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids. Aloe concentrate helps to clean out your digestive track to remove any toxins that could lead to inflammation. It is part of our healthy breakfast package.

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2 Responses to Discover how inflammation retards weight loss

  • Being overweight lead to several health hazards. It is important to lose excessive weight for staying fit and healthy. People who follow some sort of diet pills are able to reduce weight but they often prone to several health problems. Losing weight in a natural way is the best way to stay fit.

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