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love food herbalifeAs a previously compulsive eater, I feel moved to write about this as it held me captive for many years. On looking back, it is frightening just how I abused food to cover up for my inadequacies. Are you a compulsive eater? Then read on.

Thank God I have now got a healthy relationship with food and I am still able to enjoy my food immensely.

My story about compulsive eating


As a teenager, I used to work out in a gym in an attempt to gain muscle and bulk. Those days I had an incredibly fast metabolism due to exercising 6-7 days a week. I was an avid soccer player and would either play or practice almost, if not every day of the week. I would push weights in an attempt to gain muscle and strength but to no avail. I could not pick up an ounce.

My instructor put me on weight gaining powders and instructed me to eat more food. Hence the daily visits to the pizza parlor every time we had finished training.  That was obviously years before Herbalife24 Sports Nutrition hit the South African shores.

It was years after stopping training that I noticed that I continued to eat more than what I needed to, despite not training. At this stage the weight picked up dramatically and not in the way that I wanted – in other words, I gained fat instead of muscle.

I developed an extremely unhealthy relationship with food and unknowing began to use it as a crutch to soothe my inadequacies.   People would marvel at how “I can pack it away” and this only served to lift my rock bottom self esteem, albeit falsely so.

It was only when I started on the Herbalife weight management program that I experienced a healthy self esteem. As the weight began to fall off, people started encouraging me for the right reasons and so my unhealthy relationship with food began to die.

Today, I have a healthy relationship with food and I must give the credit to God for giving me Herbalife as a tool to help me with this. By the way, I still love my food passionately, but I know when to stop eating and do my best to not turn to piles of food when I am stressed or feeling miserable.

If you display any of these signs and symptoms, you could well be a compulsive eater:

  • Eating uncontrollably fast.
  • Eating in secret for fear of being discovered eating too much.
  • Hiding food so that your consumption cannot be monitored or so that you don’t have to share.
  • Eating when you are depressed or emotionally overwrought.

The dangers of compulsive eating are extensive and known to most people. If you get fat, you increase your odds of dying considerably. If you have any of these signs or symptoms, do something about it today. You can overcome compulsive eating.  Click on follow in the bottom right of this window to get our next post delivered to your inbox. We will tell you how to overcome compulsive eating.

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