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diet tipWhen I was a kid, I was taught to chew each piece of food at least 32 times,  but I am not sure if I did that at the time. It was only later in life that I discovered  it really worked. I went on a diet many years ago where I was told to chew my food carefully. I discovered that this trick worked to give me a feeling of fullness after eating. I am grateful that I have maintained this habit ever since. In my home, I am usually the last person to finish eating at meal times, which drives the girls crazy.

Did you know that chewing your food more thoroughly will help you to eat less, and it will curb your appetite?

When you chew your food 40 times, you lower the appetite stimulating hormone, ghrelin. You also increase cholecystokinin, which is an appetite reducing hormone. This information was collated via research conducted in China.

A group of slender men was asked to chew the food 40 times per bite while the obese group was asked to chew its food 15 times per bite. The thin group consumed 12% fewer calories than the group of fat men.

The conclusion is that eating slower helps you to consume fewer calories. While this might be minimal at each meal, it certainly adds up over time. Every calorie you don’t consume, takes you one step closer towards being thinner.

My personal experience is that I enjoy my food much more by chewing slowly. I have always seen eating my food as a pleasurable experience. The fact that I will lose weight due to consuming fewer calories is enough to motivate me to continue to do this.

Try eating slowly, chewing each bite thoroughly and let us know how it goes after a few weeks.


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