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A healthy diet doesn't have to be difficult or tasteless.

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Looking for a health boost or to lose weight? Look no further!

herbalifeWe have seen some incredible results on these products. Additionally, they are safe for everyone to take. You don’t have to follow a special eating program where you have to weigh or measure strange foods that you don’t like and you don’t have to spend your life in a gym.
The natural products provide the nutrition your body needs to function correctly and this results in rapid and long term weight loss that your friends and family will notice. You will be left feeling healthy,vibrant and energized in no time. (Read more about Why People Gain Weight)
  • Lizette lost 2kg over December (while enjoying fruit cake and a range of other delicious snacks and dinners in restaurants)
  • Customer G lost 8kgs in about 6 weeks
  • Customer B lost 2kgs in 2 weeks (despite accidentally taking the products incorrectly and being diabetic)
  • You’ve seen Wade’s picture above!
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Here are the 3 top retailing products at VitalChats:

thermojeticsHerbal Concentrate (Tea)
* With green tea extracts
* Catechins for lower cholesterol & lipid metabolism as well as anti-cancer and anti-bacterial effects.
*Burn fat & boost energy
* Improves general sense of well-being.
Feed yourself thin with a delicious Nutritional Protein Shake

herbalife shake

* With soy, protein, essential amino acids
*Low in fat and calories
* Protein builds & repairs cells in tissue, muscle, hair, nails, blood, skin, etc.
*Soy to lower cholesterol levels
* Easy to use & portable – mix with water, juice, yogurt or milk
* Regular use helps stabilize blood sugar levels
* For benefits of parsley & oats, see below.
aloe drinkRefreshing Aloe concentrate
*Soothes digestive system
*Soothes indigestion & heartburn (safe for pregnant mothers!)
*Improves the body’s natural self-cleansing action
*Boosts the immune system

These are just SOME of our exciting products…

Learn more about fibre boosters, fat blockers, craving eliminators, isotonic drinks, mental alertness boosters, anti-oxidants, multi-vitamins, blood pressure support, soup, protein boosters, snacks, Lift-Off energy booster and our skin care and personal care ranges here:
Weight Management  (if you want to lose weight)
Core Nutrition  (to give your health a boost – whether or not you want to lose weight)
Targeted Nutrition (improve conditions such as aging, heart health, women’s health, men’s health, digestive health, etc.)
Energy & Fitness (for that daily boost)
Drinks & Snacks  (protein bars, isotonic drinks, soups, etc.)
Aloe Range  (Aloe products ranging from creams, lotions, gels, soaps, shampoo, drinks and much more)
Outer Nutrition (skin care)